Thursday, August 5, 2010

RealiTea sprouts into life!
Ground view of the RealiTEA garden and the Solar House
The RealiTea Garden Project was conceived to better understand the journey from production to consumption within our food system. What better to link us to our food system then the production and consumption of organic, locally-sourced, and sustainably produced herbal and medicinal teas, such as Mint, Lemon Balm and Camomile?

RealiTEA mandalas mid-planting
Since beginning the project in May, we have already learned a lot, both in the greenhouse where our seedlings were grown, and at the garden itself, which is located at the back of the Loyola Campus, in Montreal's west-end neighbourhood Notre Dame-de-Grace (NDG). The amount of planning, growing and labour involved is tremendous; however, it is beginning to pay off as we see signs of life emerging from the mulch. From the first layer of compost, provided by Sustainable Concordia's R4 Project, to the sheet mulching with a biodegradable root barrier, building of the raised beds and then the first planting of seedling, provided by the Concordia Greenhouse, it is all coming together.
As the garden comes to completion we are focusing on educational workshops, including: Sustainable Agricultural Techniques, No Dig Gardens, Home Brew Fertilisers, Organic Pest Control, Large Scale Vermi Composting, and possibly an Aerated Compost Tea Brewing workshop. Last week we held a Berkley method compost workshop and will be posting some pictures and the pile turning schedule soon. The full list of workshops and dates as well as the volunteer schedule will soon be posted on the FSP calendar, located here.
If you would like to check out a workshop, have a topic to suggest or just want to come and check out the garden, please contact me, the garden coordinator, at the coordinates below. There's lot of tea to grow so don't hesitate to drop us a line and come get your hands dirty! 

T 438. 878.4699

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