Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Watching the Food Movement Grow

Robyn Rees, one of our amazing interns here at the Concordia Food Systems Project, has spent much of her time over the past few months plowing through the world wide web in search of films, resources, stories, youtube clips, news shows, tv shows, maps, and more for evidence of the growing food movement we all know is out there. Over the past few days she has sent me a couple of really amazing trailers for incredible films that have just recently been released or are being edited as we speak. Watching them has literally brought tears to my eyes and strengthened my conviction that what we are attempting to do here at Concordia is so vital, so important, and so much bigger than we know, and I am so thankful to her for that. And so, without further ado, embedded for your viewing pleasure, are a few of the choice cuts (and I know y'all love all them food puns I'm using :)

Friday, July 9, 2010

Launch Photos

Many thanks to Graham Bradley, who photographed the launch on June 16th. 

Our Presentation Document

Monday, July 5, 2010

creating a space for dissent

Today is filled with promise. The sun is shining, the wind is gently ruffling the leaves of the squash and tomato plants that are growing steadily on my rooftop and I'm polishing off the letter that will be sent to Concordia President Judith Woodsworth tomorrow, with over 30 faculty signatures of support, as part of the Better Beverage Contract and Bottled Water Free Concordia campaign. It seems as though everything is quietly and patiently on its way.

There is time for patience and there is time for action. There is a time for reflection, to consider how to achieve a balance between the two.